Packaging for every production requirement

We have been producing packaging for over twenty years with great professionalism and attention to quality and service. The company’s core business is mainly roasting, powders and granules, and aggressive liquids. Thanks to the acquisition of know-how enriched with our personal experience we have also specialised in other production sectors, thus offering our customers a wide range of packaging solutions.

Constantly growing,

we work with method and passion to offer the best quality.

Our team of experts takes care of our customers by offering customised solutions in the shortest possible time, speeding up the order process from processing to delivery of the finished product.
Through regular laboratory analyses we evaluate the best technical solutions, verifying that quality is maintained at every stage of progress, in accordance with our applied ISO 9001 certification method.


Our packaging materials range from two to six laminated layers, using technologies with and without solvents, to provide you with packaging tailored to your production needs.

packaging in ecos

Contract manufacturing

Preformed pouches and doy packs

Packaging and wrapping


We are able to create ad hoc
packaging both in reels and in pre-formed envelopes with your brand

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