ECOS the first
friendly jar.

ECOS the first
friendly jar.

Ecos is a 100% recyclable and fully customisable packaging, from the label to the package including the cap.
Thanks to the packaging method without degassing and the freshness valve, the organoleptic properties of the coffee remain unaltered, guaranteeing fragrance and aroma.

and respect
for the environment:
these are the
strengths of Ecos.

Recycling is a very important factor in the sustainable use of resources.

We at All Pack have always designed our products according to a product responsibility key, which is why in our research and development department we work to ensure that this characteristic is the protagonist: recyclability.

The recyclability of All Pack packaging has been verified according to the CHI standard.

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If you need customised packaging designed specifically for your product, we have what you’re looking for!

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