We specialise in the production of multilayer packaging materials,
with and without solvent.
We print our packaging by flexography, rotogravure or reel-to-reel.
We produce pre-packaged bags of various types and sizes.

Packaging reels

Our packaging reels are manufactured from high barrier materials,
with or without the use of aluminium.
The materials used maintain the organoleptic properties of
the packaged product.
Possibility of glossy, matt or varnished finishes.

and doy packs

Our team of experts takes care of our customers by proposing customised solutions in the shortest possible time, speeding up the order process, from processing to delivery of the finished product.
Through periodic laboratory tests, we evaluate the best technical solutions, making sure that quality is maintained at every stage of the process, in accordance with our applied ISO 9001 certification standard.

Neutral envelopes

In our product range,
you will find neutral pre-made envelopes and doypacks, with or without zip, with glossy, matt or paper backing.
Always available from our warehouse.


The first jar
100% recyclable and entirely

Innovation, quality, flexibility and respect for the environment: these are the strengths of Ecos.

for powders
and granules

Our products are particularly suitable and tested for packaging general powders, highly hydroscopic powders, volatiles and granulated products. We can supply them in both traditional triplicate and in triplicate with paper.

Coffee pods
and capsules

We supply the film for packaging pods or capsules with or without aluminium, in both glossy and matt materials. In addition, we can also supply it with an external paper backing instead of plastic.

Special processes

In our production process we use plastic supports (such as pet, opa, pp) that can be customised with a matt or gloss finish, and paper supports. During the manufacturing process we can also enhance the outside of your pack with other coatings, available on request.

Packaging for
special products

For special processes, high-tech packaging is required to adequately isolate liquids such as oils, vinegar and lemon juice, perfumes, or particularly dense products such as creams, shampoos, soaps, wet wipes and honey.


We produce packaging materials from two to six laminated layers, using technologies with and without solvents, to provide you with packaging tailored to your production needs.

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